Decree No. 7616/63, on the Renewal of the Deposit of Unpublished Works

Year of Version:1963
Date of Entry into Force:September 28, 1963
Date of Text (Issued):1963
Type of Text:Implementing Rules/Regulations
Subject Matter:Copyright and Related Rights (Neighboring Rights), IP Regulatory Body
In the case of unpublished works as defined in Article 62 of the Law No. 11.723 of September 28, 1933 on Legal Intellectual Property Regime, the Decree indicates that the National Directorate of Copyrights (formerly known as the National Intellectual Property Registry) is authorized to destroy unpublished works whose deposit is not withdrawn or renewed within the 30 days once three years have lapsed after the initial registration.

Article 2 of the Civil Code stipulates: “Laws shall not be binding until after their publication, and as of the stated day. If no day is stated, they shall be binding eight days following their official publication.”
This Decree was published in the Official Gazette on September 20, 1963 (B.O. 20/09/63), with no specific date of entry into force; based on Article 2 of the Civil Code it entered into force eight days after its publication.
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Decreto Nº 7616/63 sobre la Renovación de Depósito de Obras Inéditas Decreto Nº 7616/63 sobre la Renovación de Depósito de Obras Inéditas, Complete document (pdf) [18 KB]

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