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Electoral Law No. 6 of 31 January 1996

Year of Version:1996
Date of Entry into Force:February 22, 2012
Date of Text (Adopted):January 31, 1996
Type of Text:Constitution / Basic Law
Subject Matter:Other
Notes:Date of entry into force: see Art. 50.

This law replaces the Electoral Law of 1926, which has been repealed. As it regulates the rights and duties of the citizens and the public administration in connection with electoral matters, it is considered to serve some of the functions of a Constitution.
Available Texts: 

Legge elettorale n. 6 31 gennaio 1996 Legge elettorale n. 6 31 gennaio 1996, Complete document (pdf) [70 KB]

WIPO Lex No.:SM030


San Marino