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Preview – Patent Trolls: Friend or Foe?

Former USPTO Commissioner Robert Stoll argues that legislators should focus their attention on the potential for abuse of the patent system not only by so-called trolls, but by anyone.

Green technology diffusion: Insights from industry

How can policy-makers attract industry partners to help develop the new technology solutions that are critical to helping governments address pressing challenges, such as climate change.

Supporting indigenous communities at the grassroots

Many traditional knowledge-based products on the market are created without the permission of the communities that hold the TK and TCEs. What is WIPO doing to address the concerns of these communities?

Giving innovation wings: How Boeing uses its IP

Peter Hoffman, Boeing’s Vice President of Intellectual Property Management, talks about the company’s approach to IP and shares his views on the future of flight.

A market-based alternative to patent system challenges

Inside IPXI, the world’s first financial exchange for licensing and trading IP rights; a market alternative to litigation and private bilateral patent licensing?


Marvel's Superhero Licensing

June 2012 - Comic books, once associated with geeky adolescent boys and low-budget entertainment, now are linked to celebrities and big money. What's changed since the dawn of the concept in the 1930s? Movies!

Guaranteeing Access to Knowledge: The Role of Libraries

August 2012 - Libraries are keenly aware of the need to maintain the balance between protecting the rights of authors and safeguarding the wider public interest.

3-D printing and the future of stuff

April 2013 - One of the most exciting innovations to emerge in recent times, 3-D printing offers the realistic possibility that anyone, anywhere in the world can produce any object they need on demand.


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