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Image: WIPO / Olivier Cefai

GII 2018: energizing the world with innovation

Find out more about the key findings of the 2018 edition of the Global Innovation Index and how the global energy landscape is changing.

Photo: © Disney/Pixar

Cocopyright and the value of moral rights

Peruvian IP lawyer and academic, Javier André Murillo Chávez, looks at moral rights through the lens of the 2017 3D computer animated film, Coco, the compelling tale of a young boy’s quest to fulfill his dream to become a musician.

Photo: pyross007 / iStock Editorial / Getty Images Plus

The role of IP rights in the fashion business: a US perspective

Find out more about the role that IP rights play in the fashion industry and what are some of the challenges and opportunities ahead for fashion law in the digital age.

Photo: mbbirdy / Getty Images Plus

Strengthening Africa’s audio-visual sector: market intelligence is critical

Audio-visual industries have huge potential to support the economic development of African countries. What role does audio-visual market data play in enabling the development of the policies, strategies and regulatory tools to realize this potential?

Photo: submontes / Getty Images Plus

Ethics, technology and the future of humanity

The widely-renowned Australian moral philosopher, Peter Singer, shares his views on ethics, technology and the future of humanity.


Artificial intelligence and copyright

October 2017 – As the use of artificial intelligence by artists becomes more widespread, the distinction between artwork that is made by a human and that made by a computer is becoming increasingly blurred with interesting implications for copyright.

3D printing and IP law

February 2017 – Amid renewed interest in the potential for 3D printing technology transform manufacturing supply chains, to what extent do current IP laws protect the interests of creators?

Eight steps to secure trade secrets

February 2016 – Find out how to secure company trade secrets from both external threats and potential thieves already inside the company.