WIPO-Administered Treaties

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Contracting PartyUnionBodyDetails
Costa RicaBerne UnionAssembly 
Costa RicaBerne UnionExecutive Committee 
Costa RicaBudapest UnionAssembly 
Costa RicaLisbon UnionAssembly 
Costa RicaMarrakesh VIP TreatyAssembly 
Costa RicaPCT UnionAssembly 
Costa RicaParis UnionAssembly 
Costa RicaWIPOConference 
Costa RicaWIPOCoordination Committee 
Costa RicaWIPOGeneral Assembly 
Costa RicaWIPOProgram and Budget Committee2018
Costa RicaWIPO Copyright TreatyAssembly 
Costa RicaWIPO Performances and Phonograms TreatyAssembly