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Contracting PartyTreatySignatureInstrumentIn ForceDetails
United Republic of TanzaniaBerne Convention Accession: April 25, 1994July 25, 1994Details
United Republic of TanzaniaNice Agreement Accession: June 14, 1999September 14, 1999Details
United Republic of TanzaniaParis Convention Accession: April 2, 1963June 16, 1963Details
United Republic of TanzaniaPatent Cooperation Treaty Accession: June 14, 1999September 14, 1999 
United Republic of TanzaniaUPOV Convention Accession: October 22, 2015November 22, 2015Details
United Republic of TanzaniaWIPO Convention Accession: September 30, 1983December 30, 1983 

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