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WIPO Standards

(Part 3 of the Handbook on Industrial Property Information and Documentation)

This part of the WIPO Handbook contains the full text of WIPO Standards established with the intention of coordinating the industrial property information activities of WIPO member countries, thereby promoting international exchange of data relating to industrial property documents. WIPO Standards are expressed in the form of recommendations and are directed to States and international organizations, in particular to their national or regional industrial property offices, to the International Bureau of WIPO, and to any other national or international institution interested in industrial property documentation and information matters.

In the framework of the international cooperation promoted by WIPO in the field of industrial property information and documentation, standardization efforts have resulted in 51 WIPO Standards, Recommendations and Guidelines related to patents, trademarks and industrial designs. These WIPO Standards facilitate the harmonization of practices by industrial property offices regarding electronic data processing in respect of the procedures for filing, examination, publication, granting and registration of industrial property titles. WIPO Standards also facilitate the international transmission, exchange, sharing and dissemination of industrial property information (text and images), as well as the access to and retrieval of the said information.

The WIPO Standards published here consist mainly of revised or new Standards that have been adopted by the Standards and Documentation Working Group (SDWG) of the Standing Committee on Information Technologies (SCIT) since 1998.  The entire set of WIPO Standards has been established as the result of the agreements reached by the SCIT/SDWG, and its predecessors, namely the Permanent Committee on Industrial Property Information (PCIPI) (1987-1998) and the Permanent Committee on Patent Information (PCPI) (1978-1987), as well as the Committee for International Cooperation in Information Retrieval Among Examining Patent Offices (ICIREPAT), which was a forum on patent information  for almost 20 years and that ceased to exist in 1979, when its functions were transferred to the WIPO PCPI.

It is envisaged that any new Standards or revised versions of already existing Standards will be added to those published here subsequent to the adoption thereof by the SDWG or the SCIT.


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