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Data Exchange

WIPO has set up facilities to increase electronic exchange of PCT data and documents between Industrial Property Offices and WIPO. These facilities are available for PCT Member States only. Through the PCT Electronic Data Interchange system, Offices and WIPO can exchange documents over the Internet in a fully automated manner :

  • ANNEX F of the PCT Administrative Instructions: ANNEX F describes a basic common format for the formatting and packaging of documents, for the filing of a PCT record copy, and specifies a communication protocol that is being used for the transfer of International Applications between applicants and receiving Offices [PDF]
  • From offices to the IB: offices can send, using the PCT-EDI service (by network transfer), the electronic documents required by the PCT such as record copies, priority documents, international search reports, international preliminary examination reports, international preliminary reports on patentability and national phase information according to the PCT minimal specifications for transmitting documents to the International Bureau [DOC] [PDF].  The presentation, also attached, gives a summary guideline as to how to establish and use the PCT-EDI service [PDF].  
  • From IB to offices: bulk COR orders in XML can be submitted to the IB using the PCT-EDI service and the resulting documents downloaded using the PCT-EDI service (package format specification) [DOC] [PDF]
  • From IB to offices: IB forms can be delivered to offices using the PCT-EDI service (package format specification) [DOC] [PDF]
  • From IB to SISA offices: Documents and IB forms for supplementary search can be delivered to offices using the PCT-EDI service according to the following specification) [DOC] [PDF]

An important goal in the development of this service is the provision of low or no cost software for participating Offices, without sacrificing quality, security or efficiency. The International Bureau has elected to use  the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) and services, as it is widely supported in both free and commercial software packages.

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