World Intellectual Property Organization

Patent-related Treaties administered by WIPO

General standards of protection

  • Paris Convention (The first major international agreement relating to the protection of industrial property rights, including patents, providing, in particular, national treatment, the right of priority and a number of common rules in the field of substantive patent law, such as the independence of patents.)
  • Patent Law Treaty (A treaty providing common and, as a general rule, maximum requirements for many of the formality matters involved in the procedures before national/regional patent offices. (Further information on the Patent Law Treaty))

International systems for filing and deposits

  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (A treaty establishing an international patent filing system. (Further information on the Patent Cooperation Treaty is available.))
  •  Budapest Treaty (A treaty prescribing deposits of microorganisms at any international depositary authority under the Treaty to be recognized for the purposes of patent procedure.)

International Classification

Other related information

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