WIPO Asia Pacific Regional Seminar on the Use of Licensing Agreements in Intellectual Property Assets Management

Meeting codeWIPO/LIC/DDK/03
Date and venueDecember 17 to December 19, 2003 (Daeduk, Republic of Korea)
Topic(s)Licensing, Intellectual Property-related Seminars, Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/INF/1EnglishProvisional ProgramProvisional Program, Complete document (pdf)
WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/INF/2EnglishGeneral Information for Participants
WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/INF/3EnglishList of Speakers
WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/2EnglishTheme I: Creation, Use and Management of Intellectual Property Assets
WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/3EnglishTheme II: Key Issues of Technology Licensing
WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/5EnglishTheme IV: Intellectual Property Issues in Joint Venture Agreements
WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/6EnglishTheme IV: Intellectual Property Issues in Joint Venture Agreements
WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/8EnglishTheme V: Main Elements of and Variations in Licensing Agreements in the Field of Trademarks
WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/9EnglishTheme VI: Copyright Licensing Agreements in the Fields of Music and Reprography
WIPO/LIC/DDK/03/11EnglishTheme VII: General Aspects of Consortium Licensing and Patent Pooling