WIPO National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights for the Judiciary, Public Prosecutors, Police Officers and Customs Officials

Meeting codeWIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02
Date and venueSeptember 2 to September 4, 2002 (Amman, Jordan)
Topic(s)Intellectual Property-related Seminars, IP Rights-related Seminars, Workshops, Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/INF/2عربي[Enforcement and Dispute Settlement under the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/INF/3عربي[Industrial Property under the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/INF/4عربي[TRIPS Agreement: General and Basic Provisions]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/INF/5عربي[Standards Concerning the Protection of Trademarks under the Paris Convention and the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/INF/6عربي[Protection of Trademakrs and Geographical Indications: Overview]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/2عربي[The Copyright Law of Jordan]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/3عربي[Subject Matter and the Conditions for Protection of Works]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/4عربي[Economic and Moral Rights]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/5عربي[Industrial Property under the TRIPS Agreement]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/6عربي[Enforcement and Infringement of Rights and Civil Remedies]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/8عربي[Introduction to Patents: Conditions of Patentability, Examination, Grant and Publication; Eclusive Rights of a Patent Owner]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/9عربي[Introduction to Trademarks: Criteria of Protectability; Rights Arising from Trademarks Registration and Protection of Well-Known Trademarks]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/10عربي[The Protection of New Plant Varieties]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/11عربي[Cases on Confusingly Similar Trademarks]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/12عربي[Enforcement Procedures under Jordanian Intellectual Property Laws]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/DOC.1عربي[International Framework for the Protection of Copyright and Related Rights]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/DOC.7عربي[Industrial Property Laws in Jordan]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/DOC.13Aعربي[Ways and Means of Identifying Pirated and Counterfeited Goods]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/DOC.13Bعربي[Effective Enforcement Actions: Running a Secure and Effective Raid and Preparing the Case for the Prosecutor]
WIPO/IPR/JU/AMM/02/DOC.BعربيExperience of the Jordanian Judiciary with Intellectual Property Laws