WIPO National Seminar on Reprographic Reproduction Rights

Meeting codeWIPO/CR/ACC/00
Date and venueApril 3 to April 4, 2000 (Accra, Ghana)
Topic(s)Copyright-related Seminars, Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/CR/ACC/00/1EnglishReprographic Reproduction Rights in International Conventions and Treaties
WIPO/CR/ACC/00/2EnglishCreators in Print Publishing and Reprographic Reproduction Rights in the Copyright Law of Ghana
WIPO/CR/ACC/00/3EnglishUnauthorized Reproduction of Printed Works and its Impact on National Economic and Cultural Development
WIPO/CR/ACC/00/4EnglishThe Scope of Unauthorized Copying of Literary Works in Ghana and its Impact on the Writers' Living Conditions and the Book Publishing Industry
WIPO/CR/ACC/00/5EnglishThe Administration of Reprographic Rights and the Establishment of Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs)
WIPO/CR/ACC/00/7EnglishTechnical Aspects of Collective Management of Reprographic Rights: Licensing, Collection and Distribution of Fees
WIPO/CR/ACC/00/9EnglishReprographic Reproduction Rights Administration as a Strategy and Tool for Development of the National Publishing Industry
WIPO/CR/ACC/00/10EnglishTowards the Setting up of a Reproduction Rights Organization in Ghana: Conditions and Prerequisites