World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO National Seminar on Copyright and Related Rights

Meeting CodeWIPO/CR/BEY/99
Date and venueSeptember 6 to September 8, 1999 (Beirut, Lebanon)

Meeting Documents

WIPO/CR/BEY/99/1EnglishInternational Protection of Copyright and Related Rights- the Berne Convention and the TRIPS Agreement
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/3FrenchLes conditions générales et l'objet de la protection en droit d'auteur
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/4Arabic[The Rights and Terms of Protection]
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/6FrenchLa législation Libanaise en matière de droit d'auteur: Licences et cessions
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/7FrenchLa protection des droits voisins dans la nouvelle loi Libanaise du 3 Avril l999
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/8.AArabicThe Enforcement of Copyright and Related Rights under the TRIPS Agreement
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/8.BEnglishEnforcement of Copyright and Related Rights under the TRIPS Agreement and Lebanon's New Copyright Act
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/9.AArabic[Enforcement of Copyright and Related Rights under Lebanese Copyright Law]
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/9.BFrenchL'application de la loi Libanaise sur le droit d'auteur
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/10FrenchLes dispositions concernant la gestion collective des droits dans la loi Libanaise du 3 avril l999
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/14ArabicDispute Settlement Procedure under the TRIPS Agreement
WIPO/CR/BEY/99/15EnglishLegal Aspects of Electronic Commerce: Implications for Copyright and Related Rights

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