International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP) Annual Meeting

Meeting codeATRIP/GVA/99
Date and venueJuly 7 to July 9, 1999 (Geneva, Switzerland)
Topic(s)Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

ATRIP/GVA/99/1EnglishExhaustion of the Right of Publicity Under U.S Law
ATRIP/GVA/99/2EnglishExhaustion of IP Rights: Recent Developments
ATRIP/GVA/99/3EnglishRecent Legislative and Judicial Updates in Japan
ATRIP/GVA/99/4EnglishOn Exhaustion of Copyright - Swedish Law in its European Setting
ATRIP/GVA/99/5EnglishRecent Legislative Developments in Czech Authors Law
ATRIP/GVA/99/6EnglishParallel Imports and International TradeParallel Imports and International Trade, Complete document (pdf)
ATRIP/GVA/99/7EnglishThe Wars on Piracy and their Dilemas
ATRIP/GVA/99/8EnglishRecent Mexican Jurisprudence on Trademark Licenses and Well-Known Trademarks
ATRIP/GVA/99/9EnglishWIPO/ATRIP Electronic Conference Final Report
ATRIP/GVA/99/10EnglishInternational Exhaustion in the European Union in the Light of Zino Davidoff
ATRIP/GVA/99/11FrançaisDroit d'un propriétaire sur l'image de son bien
ATRIP/GVA/99/12FrançaisLa directive communautaire sur la protection juridique des dessins et modelés
ATRIP/GVA/99/13EnglishInnovation Issues in the African University Setting: Intellectaul Property Rights Questions: Some Reflections
ATRIP/GVA/99/14FrançaisLa récente révision de l'Accord de Bangui du 2 Mars 1977 en rapport avec le Traite de Marrakech du 15 Avril 1994 sur les ADPIC
ATRIP/GVA/99/15EspañolEl Agotamiento del Derecho de Distribución del Autor
ATRIP/GVA/99/16EspañolNovedades Legislativas en Materia de Derecho de Autor en la Argentina
ATRIP/GVA/99/17FrançaisL'enseignement de la propriété Intellectuelle dans les pays non développés
ATRIP/GVA/99/18EnglishA Survey to the Restrictions of Patentability of Living Organisms in Finnish Law Compared with the Directive of European Parliament and Council 98/44/EC on the Legal Protection of Biotechnological Inventions
ATRIP/GVA/99/19EspañolLa Docencia e Investigacion sobre Propriedad Intelectual (Derecho de Autor) en el Siglo XXI
ATRIP/GVA/99/20EnglishThe Evolution of Market Entry Product Design Protection in the United States
ATRIP/GVA/99/21EnglishRecent Developments inParallel Importation Under U.S. Trademark Law - the New "Lever" Rules
ATRIP/GVA/99/22EnglishIntellectual Property Teaching in China - its Development and Perspective in the 21st Century
ATRIP/GVA/99/23EnglishAmendment of the South African Medicine and Related Subtances Control Act in Relation to the Exhaustion of Rights in Patent Law
ATRIP/GVA/99/24EnglishA New Copyright Act will be Published in China
ATRIP/GVA/99/25EnglishRecent Developments Within WTO (TRIPS)
ATRIP/GVA/99/26FrançaisDéveloppements législatifs et judiciaires récents des lois sur la propriété intellectuelle en Iran
ATRIP/GVA/99/28EnglishThe European Ornamental Models and Designs After the 98/71/EC Directive
ATRIP/GVA/99/29EnglishDevelopments in Estonian Copyright Law
ATRIP/GVA/99/30EnglishThe International Exhaustion of Patent Rights in the Argentine Law
ATRIP/GVA/99/31EnglishIndigenous Knowledge Licensing Agreement. Recent Publications on Indigenous Knowledge Protection. New Directions in Indigenous Knowledge Protection.