WIPO Regional Seminar on Support for African Inventors

Meeting codeWIPO-ARIPO/INV/MAH/98
Date and venueNovember 23 to November 27, 1998 (Mahé, Seychelles)
Topic(s)Invention, Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO-ARIPO/INV/MAH/98/INF/2EnglishProvisional List of Participants
WIPO-ARIPO/INV/MAH/98/1EnglishChallenges to an African Inventor: Experience of a Winner of the WIPO/OAU Best African Inventor Award
WIPO-ARIPO/INV/MAH/98/2EnglishCommercialization of an Invention
WIPO-ARIPO/INV/MAH/98/3EnglishWIPO's Activities in the Promotion of Inventive Activity
WIPO-ARIPO/INV/MAH/98/4EnglishIndustrial Property Automation in Africa: Recent Developments and Future Plans