Symposium on the Protection of Geographical Indications in the Worldwide Context

Meeting codeWIPO/GEO/EGR/97
Date and venueOctober 24 to October 25, 1997 (Eger, Hungary)
Topic(s)Geographical Indications / Appellations of Origin-related Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/INF/1 REV.1EnglishGeneral Information and Program Revised Version of the Program Issued in June 1997
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/INF/3EnglishList of Participants
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/INF/4EnglishInformation on the Speakers of the Symposium
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/1EnglishProtection of Geographical Indications under WIPO Treaties and Questions Concerning the Relationship between those Treaties and the TRIPS Agreement
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/3EnglishProtection of Geographical Indications in the Central and Eastern European Countries
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/4EnglishProtection of Geographical Indications in the European Union
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/5EnglishTopical Issues of the Protection of Geographical Indications
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/6EnglishProtection of Geographical Indications in the United States of America
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/7EnglishGeographical Indications in Recent Treaty Law in the Americas: NAFTA, Latin American Free Trade Agreements, MERCOSUR, the Andean Community and the Central American Protocol
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/8EnglishProtection of Geographical Indications in France and Protection of French Geographical Indications in Other Countries
WIPO/GEO/EGR/97/9EnglishProtection of Geographical Indications in Australia and New Zealand