WIPO Regional Seminar for Experts on Copyright and Neighboring Rights of the SADC Countries

Meeting codeWIPO/CNR/LLW/96
Date and venueNovember 6 to November 8, 1996 (Lilongwe, Malawi)
Topic(s)Copyright-related Seminars, Workshops and Seminars

Meeting documents

WIPO/CNR/LLW/96/1EnglishIntroduction to Intellectual Property: Basic Notions of Copyright and Neighboring Rights
WIPO/CNR/LLW/96/3EnglishSituation of Copyright Protection in the SADC Member States
WIPO/CNR/LLW/96/4EnglishIntroduction to International Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights and Implications of the TRIPS Agreement
WIPO/CNR/LLW/96/5EnglishNew Trends in the Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights at the International Level and WIPO Activities in the Implementation of the TRIPS Agreement
WIPO/CNR/LLW/96/6EnglishImplications of the TRIPS Agreement on National Copyright Legislation
WIPO/CNR/LLW/96/7EnglishThe Issue of Copyright Piracy and the SADC Member States: Legal Suppressive Measures
WIPO/CNR/LLW/96/8EnglishImpact of Copyright Piracy for Developing Countries and the Ghanaian Example of Ways and Means to Fight it
WIPO/CNR/LLW/96/9EnglishBasic Principles of Collective Administration of Rights
WIPO/CNR/LLW/96/10EnglishCollective Administration in the SADC Member States and the Experience of Malawi