Work Undertaken Under Development Agenda Projects

Project codeRelated documentsDocument number
DA_08_01 Study Paper Regarding Recommendation 8. Specialized Databases’ Access and Support CDIP/3/INF/2/STUDY/III/INF/1
DA_10_03 Project Paper on Innovation and Technology Transfer Support Structure for National Institutions (Recommendation 10) CDIP/3/INF/2/STUDY/VII/INF/1
Scoping Study on Copyright and Related Rights and the Public Domain
Study on Patents and the Public Domain CDIP/4/3REV./STUDY/INF/2
Feasibility Study on the Establishment of National Patent Register Databases and Linkage to PATENTSCOPE
Interaction of Agencies Dealing with Intellectual Property and Competition Law
Interface Between Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law CDIP/4/4REV./STUDY/INF/2
An Analysis of the Economic/Legal Literature on the Effects of IP Rights as a Barrier to Entry CDIP/4/4REV./STUDY/INF/3
Survey on Measures to Address the Interface between Antitrust and Franchising Agreements CDIP/4/4REV./STUDY/INF/4
Survey on Compulsory Licenses Granted by WIPO Member States to Address Anti‑Competitive Uses of Intellectual Property Rights CDIP/4/4REV./STUDY/INF/5