Global Symposium

In response to a need for an international forum in which to discuss issues relating to the modernization and administration of IP Offices, to brainstorm the vision for the future on the global IP infrastructure including common tools and databases for facilitating international collaboration, to study the value of IP statistics for managing IP Office operation, and to exchange experiences on different financial models of IP Offices, the first Global Symposium was created in 2009. In fact, the purpose of the Global Symposium is to:

  • provide heads of IP authorities, industry leaders and other stakeholders with an international forum in which to discuss how the present intellectual property infrastructure could be developed in a coherent way to support increasingly borderless activities for innovation within science and technology communities and industries;
  • present WIPO’s new vision and strategy for reinforcing and integrating different technical components for developing the global IP infrastructure;
  • involve users of the IP system in the process and create stronger networks between IP authorities and industry/IP practitioners.

This event takes place once a year and is open to the general public. View the photo gallery of the Symposium

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