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WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: DCO2013-0001 - DCO2013-0199

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Last updated: Aug 26, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
DCO2013-0001 (HTML)
DCO2013-0001 (Word)
Stratfor Enterprises, LLCLeviticus Wilsonstratfor.coTransfer
DCO2013-0002 (HTML)
DCO2013-0002 (Word)
Colombia Movil SA ESP
Millicom International Cellular S.A.
Domain Admin / Reinaldo
DCO2013-0003 (HTML)
DCO2013-0003 (Word)
Computec / Mundo Digitalmidatacredito.coTransfer
DCO2013-0004 (HTML)
DCO2013-0004 (Word)
Caviar PetrossianBihua Hostingpetrossian.coTransfer
DCO2013-0005Pfizer Inc.-xalkori.coTerminated
DCO2013-0006 (HTML)
DCO2013-0006 (Word)
DCO2013-0007 (HTML)
DCO2013-0007 (Word)
Blogmusik SASCarlos Antolinez
DCO2013-0008 (HTML)
DCO2013-0008 (Word)
Blogmusik SASYang Zhichaodeezer.coTransfer
DCO2013-0009Beats Electronics, LLC-beats.coTerminated
DCO2013-0010 (HTML)
DCO2013-0010 (Word)
DCO2013-0011 (HTML)
DCO2013-0011 (Word)
Normalu S.A.Domain Admin / AYDIN KAYAbarisol.coTransfer
DCO2013-0012 (HTML)
DCO2013-0012 (Word)
Mansion (Gibraltar) Limited
Provent Holdings Ltd
Junaid Moeratmansioncasino.coTransfer
DCO2013-0013 (HTML)
DCO2013-0013 (Word)
Swarovski Aktiengesellschaftwww.swarovskisale.coswarovskisale.coTransfer
DCO2013-0014Pro Bono Bio Entrepreneur Limited-flexiseq.coTerminated
DCO2013-0015 (HTML)
DCO2013-0015 (Word)
SanofiJoseph Donovansanofi.coTransfer
DCO2013-0016 (HTML)
DCO2013-0016 (Word)
Galvin Green ABStephen Galvin - Galvin Greengalvingreen.coTransfer
DCO2013-0017 (HTML)
DCO2013-0017 (Word)
Tesco Stores LimitedMat Feakinstes.coTransfer
DCO2013-0018 (HTML)
DCO2013-0018 (Word)
Alibaba Group Holding LimitedSteve Johnsonalibaba.coTransfer
DCO2013-0019Carvajal Información S.A.S-pá
DCO2013-0020 (HTML)
DCO2013-0020 (Word)
Swarovski swarovskishop.coswarovskishop.coTransfer
DCO2013-0021Aventis Pharma S.A.
Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc.
DCO2013-0022 (HTML)
DCO2013-0022 (Word)
Onetwotrip Ltd.Aleksandr Mendelonetwotrip.coTransfer
DCO2013-0023 (HTML)
DCO2013-0023 (Word)
Safepay Malta LimitedDomain Admin / Isen Murtishibetsafe.coTransfer
DCO2013-0024 (HTML)
DCO2013-0024 (Word)
Lockheed Martin CorporationIgor
DCO2013-0025 (HTML)
DCO2013-0025 (Word)
a.n.d. Internet Services GmbH & Co. KGBrian Whelanaupairworld.coTransfer
DCO2013-0026 (HTML)
DCO2013-0026 (Word)
Mastercard International IncorporatedMario Antunesmasterpass.coTransfer
DCO2013-0027 (HTML)
DCO2013-0027 (Word)
Bayerische Motoren Werke AGDipen Vyasbmwi.coTransfer
DCO2013-0028 (HTML)
DCO2013-0028 (Word) / Edwin
DCO2013-0029TBL Licensing LLC-timberland.coTerminated
DCO2013-0030Merck KGaA-merckgroup.coTerminated
DCO2013-0031 (HTML)
DCO2013-0031 (Word)
Valero Energy Corporation
Valero Marketing and Supply Company
David Arbelaezvalero.coTransfer
DCO2013-0032 (HTML)
DCO2013-0032 (Word)
Valero Energy Corporation and Valero Marketing and Supply CompanyJoanne Gracevaleroenergy.coTransfer
DCO2013-0033 (HTML)
DCO2013-0033 (Word)
Anadarko Petroleum CorporationJohn Smith, CGUanadarko.coTransfer
DCO2013-0034 (HTML)
DCO2013-0034 (Word)
Cleartrip Private LimitedWhoisGuardProtected / STUDENTOX, PREMDEEP SINGHcleartrips.coTransfer


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