World Intellectual Property Organization

WIPO UDRP Domain Name Decisions

Decisions: D2000-0600 - D2000-0799

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Last updated: Jun 26, 2016

Case Number Complainant Respondent Domain Name(s) Decision
D2000-0600 (HTML)
D2000-0600 (Word)
Esat Digifone LimitedColin Hayesdigifonewap.comTransfer
D2000-0601 (HTML)
D2000-0601 (Word)
Esat Digifone LimitedJohn
D2000-0602 (HTML)
D2000-0602 (Word)
Esat Digifone LimitedMichael Fitzgerald trading as Telco-Resourcesdigifone.netTransfer
D2000-0603Credit Suisse Group-ecreditsuisse.comTerminated
D2000-0604 (HTML)
D2000-0604 (Word)
Editora Globo S.A.Mundo On Line Neteditoraglobo.comTransfer
D2000-0605 (HTML)
D2000-0605 (Word)
Globosat Programadora Ltda.Artmidia Comunicacao Visual Criação e Arte
D2000-0606 (HTML)
D2000-0606 (Word)
Globo Comunicações e Participações S.A. - GloboparArtmidia Comunicacao Visual Criação e Arte Ltda.globopar.comTransfer
D2000-0607 (HTML)
D2000-0607 (Word)
VAT Holding AGvat.comvat.comComplaint denied
D2000-0608 (HTML)
D2000-0608 (Word)
Loris Azzaro BV, SARLAsterix
Mr. De Vasconcellos Jr.
azzaro.comComplaint denied
D2000-0609 (HTML)
D2000-0609 (Word)
Europolitan ABControl Alt Delete ABeuropolitan.comTransfer
D2000-0610 (HTML)
D2000-0610 (Word)
Marriott International, Inc.Thomas, Burstein and Millermarriottreward.comTransfer
D2000-0611 (HTML)
D2000-0611 (Word)
The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLCDennis
D2000-0612 (HTML)
D2000-0612 (Word)
McNeil Consumer Brands, Inc.Mirweb Solutionstylenol.orgTransfer
D2000-0613National Collegiate Athletic
D2000-0614 (HTML)
D2000-0614 (Word), Inc.Zvieli Fishervirtualvineyards.comTransfer
D2000-0615 (HTML)
D2000-0615 (Word)
E. & J. Gallo WineryHanna Law
D2000-0616 (HTML)
D2000-0616 (Word)
Poonthuruthi Govindan
The Bombay Dyeing & Manufacturing Co. Limited
Srikanth Narrabombaydyeing.comTransfer
D2000-0617 (HTML)
D2000-0617 (Word)
Kur- und Verkehrsverein St. MoritzStMoritz.comstmoritz.comComplaint denied
D2000-0618Arbath Tobacco Company Limited
British American Tobacco (Brands) Limited
D2000-0619 (HTML)
D2000-0619 (Word)
Robert Fleming Holdings Limited
The Chase Manhattan Corporation
D2000-0620 (HTML)
D2000-0620 (Word)
Teledesic LLCMcDougal Designinternet-in-the-sky.orgTransfer
D2000-0621 (HTML)
D2000-0621 (Word)
Wright & Lato, Inc.Michael L. Epsteinwrightandlato.comTransfer
D2000-0622 (HTML)
D2000-0622 (Word)
K2r Produkte AGJeremie Triganok2r.comComplaint denied
D2000-0623Heinz Wattie's Limited
H.J. Heinz Company Australia Limited
D2000-0624 (HTML)
D2000-0624 (Word)
Do The Hustle, LLCTropic
Complaint denied
D2000-0625 (HTML)
D2000-0625 (Word)
Do The Hustle, LLCMonkey Media, LLCcultureclub.comComplaint denied
D2000-0626 (HTML)
D2000-0626 (Word)
Fear Factory, Inc.1 2 3 Speedfearfactory.netTransfer
D2000-0627 (HTML)
D2000-0627 (Word)
Do The Hustle, LLCDonald Wilsonpolyesthers.comTransfer
D2000-0628 (HTML)
D2000-0628 (Word)
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Lars Storkwal-mart-europe.comTransfer
D2000-0629 (HTML)
D2000-0629 (Word)
Consorzio del Prosciutto di ParmaDomain Name Clearing Company, LLCparmaham.comComplaint denied
D2000-0630 (HTML)
D2000-0630 (Word)
Metabolife InternationalRobert Williamsmetabolive.comTransfer
D2000-0631 (HTML)
D2000-0631 (Word)
SunFest of Palm Beach County, Inc.Electronic System Technologies, Inc.
D2000-0632 (HTML)
D2000-0632 (Word)
RevillonFur Online Inc.revillon.comTransfer
D2000-0633 (HTML)
D2000-0633 (Word)
Sundor Brands Inc.Trenchcoat Productions, Inc.sunnydelight.comTransfer
D2000-0634 (HTML)
D2000-0634 (Word)
Tryg-Baltica Forsikring, Skadesforsikring- sselskab A/SDennis Willardt Zewillistryg.comTransfer
D2000-0635 (HTML)
D2000-0635 (Word)
Net-Com AGJacques Favre
Patrice Collette Associates
tourisma.comComplaint denied
D2000-0636 (HTML)
D2000-0636 (Word)
National Westminster Bank plcPurge I.T.
Purge I.T. Limited
D2000-0637 (HTML)
D2000-0637 (Word)
Gonvarri Industrial, S.A.Gon Varr I Ano Sexo A Domiciliogonvarri.netTransfer
D2000-0638 (HTML)
D2000-0638 (Word)
Manchester Airport PLCClub Club Limitedmanchesterairport.comComplaint denied
D2000-0639Quixtar Investments, Inc.-quixtr.comTerminated
D2000-0641 (HTML)
D2000-0641 (Word)
Singapore Airlines LimitedEuropean Travel
D2000-0642Singapore Airlines Limited-singaporeairlines.netTerminated
D2000-0643 (HTML)
D2000-0643 (Word)
Singapore Airlines LimitedP&P Servicios de Comunicacion, S.L.singaporeairlines.comTransfer
D2000-0644 (HTML)
D2000-0644 (Word)
Singapore Airlines LimitedRobert Nielsonsingaporegirl.comTransfer
D2000-0645 (HTML)
D2000-0645 (Word)
Tryg-Baltica Forsikring, Skadesforsikring- sselskab A/SDomainID, Inc.tryg-baltica.comTransfer
D2000-0646Bayerische Motoren Werke AG-bmwasia.comTerminated
D2000-0647 (HTML)
D2000-0647 (Word)
Le Monde Interactif SAElphège Fremyle-monde.comTransfer
D2000-0648 (HTML)
D2000-0648 (Word)
Pivotal CorporationDiscovery Street Trading Co. Ltd.pivotalsoftware.comTransfer
D2000-0649BIC Corporation-flickyourbic.comTerminated
D2000-0650EMI Group plc
Time Warner Inc.
D2000-0651 (HTML)
D2000-0651 (Word)
Hang Seng Bank LimitedWebsen, Inc.hangsengcredit.comTransfer
D2000-0652 (HTML)
D2000-0652 (Word)
Hang Seng Data Services LimitedWavecount Inc.hangsengindex.netTransfer
D2000-0653 (HTML)
D2000-0653 (Word)
Hang Seng Data Services LimitedPower M Investment Ltd.hangsengindex.orgTransfer
D2000-0654 (HTML)
D2000-0654 (Word)
America Online, Inc.AOL Internationalaolpakistan.netTransfer
D2000-0655 (HTML)
D2000-0655 (Word)
County Bookshops LimitedGuy Lovedaycountybookshops.comComplaint denied
D2000-0656 (HTML)
D2000-0656 (Word)
Wipro Limited
Wipro Trademards Holding Limited
Global Link.Com,
D2000-0657AltaVista Company-altasexta.comTerminated
D2000-0658 (HTML)
D2000-0658 (Word)
Nik CarterThe Afternoon
D2000-0659 (HTML)
D2000-0659 (Word)
Dell Computer CorporationGot Domain Names For Sale, a/k/a, a/k/a
D2000-0660 (HTML)
D2000-0660 (Word)
Yahoo! Inc.Casino Yahoo Inc.
Jon Maranda
D2000-0661 (HTML)
D2000-0661 (Word)
Philip BerberKarl Flanagan
KP Enterprises
D2000-0662 (HTML)
D2000-0662 (Word)
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.Richard MacLeod d/b/a For Salewal-martsucks.comTransfer
D2000-0663Budget Rent A Car Corporation-budget-rent-a-car.comTerminated
D2000-0664 (HTML)
D2000-0664 (Word)
Costco Wholesale Corporation
The Price Company
Price Club a/k/a Tsung-Pei
D2000-0665 (HTML)
D2000-0665 (Word)
Net2Phone, Inc.Basheer Hallaknet2phones.netTransfer
D2000-0666 (HTML)
D2000-0666 (Word)
Net2Phone, Inc.Netcall Saglnet2phone-europe.comTransfer
D2000-0667Bertie Ahern - Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland)
D2000-0668 (HTML)
D2000-0668 (Word)
Salomon Smith Barney Inc.Salomon Internet Servicessalomonbrothers.comTransfer
D2000-0669 (HTML)
D2000-0669 (Word)
Sears, Roebuck and Co.Hanna Law Firmsearsroebuck.comTransfer
D2000-0670 (HTML)
D2000-0670 (Word)
Reuters LimitedG K Tanereuters.comComplaint denied
D2000-0671 (HTML)
D2000-0671 (Word)
Unibanco - União de Banco Brasileiros S.A.Vendo Domain Saleunibanco.comTransfer
D2000-0672 (HTML)
D2000-0672 (Word)
Netcentives Inc.B W Brody Companyclick-rewards.comTransfer
D2000-0673 (HTML)
D2000-0673 (Word)
Frederick M. NicholasMagidson Fine Art, Inc.samfrancis.comComplaint denied with dissenting opinion
D2000-0674 (HTML)
D2000-0674 (Word)
Singapore Cable Vision Ltd.Allied Pacific Singapore Technologies Pte Ltd.singaporecablevision.comTransfer
D2000-0675 (HTML)
D2000-0675 (Word)
VBW-Kulturmanagement und Veranstaltungsges.m.b.H.Ohanessian, M.barbarella.comComplaint denied
D2000-0676 (HTML)
D2000-0676 (Word)
Thomas Cook Holdings LimitedSezginhot18to30.comComplaint denied
D2000-0677Claims Incorporated plc, trading as Claims
D2000-0678 (HTML)
D2000-0678 (Word)
AT&T Corp.
AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.
Mark Henrich
Phone Center
D2000-0679 (HTML)
D2000-0679 (Word)
Net2Phone, Inc.Dynasty System Sdn. Bhdn2phone.comTransfer
D2000-0680 (HTML)
D2000-0680 (Word)
LetsBuyIt.Com Ireland Ltd.
LetsBuyIt.Com Sverige AB
D2000-0681 (HTML)
D2000-0681 (Word)
Standard Chartered PLCPurge I.T.
Purge I.T. Limited
standardcharteredsucks.comTransfer LLC-lowestfares.comTerminated
D2000-0683 (HTML)
D2000-0683 (Word)
British Broadcasting CorporationData Art Corporationbbcnews.comTransfer
D2000-0684 (HTML)
D2000-0684 (Word)
Federated Western Properties, Inc.Burdines Coffeehausburdines.comTransfer
D2000-0685 (HTML)
D2000-0685 (Word)
Universal Studios, Inc. / Universal City Studios, Inc.
Vivendi S.A./ The Seagram Company Ltd./ Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc.
D2000-0686 (HTML)
D2000-0686 (Word)
D2000-0687Playtex Apparel, Inc.-18hr.comTerminated
D2000-0688 (HTML)
D2000-0688 (Word)
Ty Inc.Joseph Parvin d/b/a Domains for
Transfer with dissenting opinion
D2000-0689 (HTML)
D2000-0689 (Word)
Antera S.p.A.Antera,
D2000-0690 (HTML)
D2000-0690 (Word)
Transamerica CorporationInglewood Computer Servicestrans-america.comCancellation
D2000-0691 (HTML)
D2000-0691 (Word)
Seur Espana, S.A.Antonio Lianos Alonsoseur.comTransfer
D2000-0692American Home Products Corporation-wyethlederle.comTerminated
D2000-0693CyberFlight, Inc.-cyberflights.comTerminated
D2000-0694 (HTML)
D2000-0694 (Word)
Multi ThematiquesMatthew C. Harperwishline.netTransfer
D2000-0695 (HTML)
D2000-0695 (Word)
Multi ThematiquesMatthew C.
Complaint denied
D2000-0696Bank of Singapore Limited-bankofsingapore.comTerminated
D2000-0698 (HTML)
D2000-0698 (Word)
Maureen HealyAndreas Kuhlendvdnews.comComplaint denied
D2000-0699 (HTML)
D2000-0699 (Word)
Park Place Entertainment CorporationMike Gormanparis-lasvegas.comTransfer
D2000-0700 (HTML)
D2000-0700 (Word)
March Madness Athletic Association LLC
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Front & Center Entertainment
Mark Halpern
D2000-0701American Home Products
D2000-0702American Home Products Corporation-buyadvilproducts.comTerminated
D2000-0703 (HTML)
D2000-0703 (Word)
Grove Broadcasting Co. Ltd.Telesystems Communication Ltd.iriefm.comComplaint denied
D2000-0704 (HTML)
D2000-0704 (Word)
Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
Dow Jones LP
The Hephzibah Intro-Net Project
Complaint denied
D2000-0705National Association of
D2000-0706 (HTML)
D2000-0706 (Word)
Drew Bernstein and Kill City, Inc. dba Lip ServiceAction Advertisinglipservice.comComplaint denied
D2000-0707 (HTML)
D2000-0707 (Word)
South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd.Commbine.comsouthchinamorningpost.comTransfer
D2000-0708 (HTML)
D2000-0708 (Word)
Liberty PLCDJV
D2000-0709AMT-Sybex Group Ltd.-amtsybex.comTerminated
D2000-0710 (HTML)
D2000-0710 (Word)
Union des associations europeennes de football (UEFA)Funzi Furniturechampionsleague.comTransfer
D2000-0711 (HTML)
D2000-0711 (Word)
Easygroup (UK) Limited
Easyjet Airline Company Limited / Easyeverything Limited / Easyrentacar (UK) Limited
Complaint denied
D2000-0712 (HTML)
D2000-0712 (Word)
EMI Group PlcJason Maceemi1897.comTransfer
D2000-0713 (HTML)
D2000-0713 (Word)
America Online,
D2000-0714Bay Area Labels-bayarealabels.comTerminated
D2000-0715 (HTML)
D2000-0715 (Word)
Desportos Licenciamentos LTDADavid Sallen
Sallen Enterprises / JD Sallen Enterprises
D2000-0716 (HTML)
D2000-0716 (Word)
Universal City Studios, Inc.Harper
D2000-0717 (HTML)
D2000-0717 (Word)
The Seagram Company Ltd. / Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, Inc. / Universal Studios, Inc./ Universal City Studios, Inc.
Vivendi S.A.
Yu Fu Zhao aka Tyou
D2000-0718Universal Studios, Inc. / Universal City Studios, Inc.
D2000-0719The Japan Times, Ltd.-japantimes.comTerminated
D2000-0720 (HTML)
D2000-0720 (Word)
Ogaan India Private Ltd.Mehboob Alamogaan.comTransfer
D2000-0721 (HTML)
D2000-0721 (Word)
Louis Vuitton MalletierMelouisvuittoncup2003.orgTransfer
D2000-0722 (HTML)
D2000-0722 (Word)
Louis Vuitton MalletierMylouisvuittoncup2003.comTransfer
D2000-0723 (HTML)
D2000-0723 (Word)
Clinica Corachan, S.A.Fc Team Car
D2000-0724Dr. Ing. H.c.F. Porsche AG-porsche-cayenne.comTerminated
D2000-0725 (HTML)
D2000-0725 (Word)
Thomas Cook Holdings LimitedMatthew Dinhamclub1830.comTransfer
D2000-0726Shawn Carter pka Jay-Z-jay-z.comTerminated
D2000-0727 (HTML)
D2000-0727 (Word)
Banco Do Brasil SASync Technologybancodobrasil.comTransfer
D2000-0728 (HTML)
D2000-0728 (Word)
Schering AktiengesellschaftMetagen GmbHmetagen.comComplaint denied
D2000-0729 (HTML)
D2000-0729 (Word)
Viterra AGZofia Janzviterra.comTransfer
D2000-0730 (HTML)
D2000-0730 (Word)
GallerinaMark Wilmhurstgallerina.comTransfer
D2000-0731 (HTML)
D2000-0731 (Word)
Robert Fleming Holdings Limited
The Chase Manhattan Corporation
No Name Tradingchase-flemings.comTransfer
D2000-0732 (HTML)
D2000-0732 (Word)
Sigla Sistema Globo de Gravacoes Audio Visuais LtdaItalo de Barros Naddeosomlivre.comTransfer
D2000-0733 (HTML)
D2000-0733 (Word)
Sigla Sistema Globo de Gravacoes Audio Visuais LtdaItalo de Barros
D2000-0734 (HTML)
D2000-0734 (Word)
EDB 4Tel ASA4Tel Technology4tel.comComplaint denied
D2000-0735 (HTML)
D2000-0735 (Word)
TV4 ABDennis Zewillistv4.comTransfer
D2000-0736 (HTML)
D2000-0736 (Word)
World Publications, Inc.Seattle Pen, Inc. / Seattle Pen, Inc. dba World Pen
World Pen
worldpen.comComplaint denied
D2000-0737 (HTML)
D2000-0737 (Word)
European Broadcasting UnionDomain4saleeurovision.orgTransfer
D2000-0738 (HTML)
D2000-0738 (Word)
Ibersecurities, Agencia de Valores y Bolsa S.A.Fernando Labadia Pardoibersecurities.netTransfer
D2000-0739 (HTML)
D2000-0739 (Word)
Club de Regatas Vasco da GamaBuilding Centre Internationalvascodagama.comTransfer
D2000-0740SeneGence International-lipsense.comTerminated
D2000-0741Paccar Inc dba Kenworth Truck Company and dba Peterbilt Motors Company-peterbilttruck.netTerminated
D2000-0742Sony Kabushiki Kaisha, aka Sony Corporation-aibo.comTerminated
D2000-0743 (HTML)
D2000-0743 (Word), LLCWieguang Huangdrmath.comTransfer
D2000-0744 (HTML)
D2000-0744 (Word)
Tablelands Economic Development CorporationSean
Complaint denied
D2000-0745DJ Freeman-djfreeman.comTerminated
D2000-0746 (HTML)
D2000-0746 (Word)
Magic Software Enterprises Ltd.Evergreen Technology Corporationmagic.comComplaint denied
D2000-0747 (HTML)
D2000-0747 (Word)
Television Francaise 1The Fork 1tf1.comTransfer
D2000-0748 (HTML)
D2000-0748 (Word)
Yahoo! Inc.M&A Enterprisesvisayahoo.comTransfer
D2000-0749 (HTML)
D2000-0749 (Word)
David Valls BioscaAlex Blasidavidvalls.comTransfer
D2000-0750 (HTML)
D2000-0750 (Word)
DG Bank AgDai Xuhuidg-bank.comTransfer
D2000-0751 (HTML)
D2000-0751 (Word)
Port Aventura SAMiguel Garcia Quintasportaventura.comTransfer
D2000-0752 (HTML)
D2000-0752 (Word)
Primedia Special Interest Publications Inc.John L. Treadwayshutterbug.comComplaint denied
D2000-0753 (HTML)
D2000-0753 (Word)
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc.Shedon.combritannnica.comTransfer
D2000-0754 (HTML)
D2000-0754 (Word)
Cho Yong Pil, YPC InternationalKee
Complaint denied, transfer in part
D2000-0755Tata Sons Ltd.-tatamail.comTerminated
D2000-0756 (HTML)
D2000-0756 (Word)
Miele, Inc.Absolute Air Cleaners and Purifiersmiele.netComplaint denied
D2000-0757 (HTML)
D2000-0757 (Word)
Nabor B.V. Stanhome S.P.A.Organisation Francisco Vicentestanhome.comTransfer
D2000-0758 (HTML)
D2000-0758 (Word)
SERAP Societe AnonymeWilliam Benmaorserap.comTransfer
D2000-0759 (HTML)
D2000-0759 (Word)
F.lli Claudio e Carlalberto Corneliani S.p.A.Corantos S.r.l.corneliani.netTransfer
D2000-0760Build-a-Bear Workshop,
D2000-0761 (HTML)
D2000-0761 (Word)
EMI Group PlcKhalil El-Holibyemimusic.orgTransfer
D2000-0762Nippon Express Ltd.
Nippon Express USA, Inc.
D2000-0764 (HTML)
D2000-0764 (Word)
SafmarineNetwork Management (PORTLINK4-DOM)portlink.comComplaint denied
D2000-0765 (HTML)
D2000-0765 (Word)
National Australia Bank LimitedQuality Systems Consulting Pty
D2000-0766 (HTML)
D2000-0766 (Word)
Red Bull GmbHHarold Gutchredbull.orgTransfer
D2000-0767 (HTML)
D2000-0767 (Word)
Gateway, Inc.Robert Rossgatewaypcs.comTransfer
D2000-0768 (HTML)
D2000-0768 (Word)
Metro de Madrid, S.A.D. Ignacio Allendemetromadrid.comTransfer
D2000-0769 (HTML)
D2000-0769 (Word)
CGNU PLCTessa Caffreycgnuinsurance.comTransfer
D2000-0770 (HTML)
D2000-0770 (Word)
KISAnything.Com Ltd.kis.comComplaint denied
D2000-0771 (HTML)
D2000-0771 (Word)
Flos S.p.A.Victory Interactive Media SAflos.comComplaint denied
D2000-0772Josephine Gleis
William Marx
D2000-0773 (HTML)
D2000-0773 (Word)
Estate of Stanley Getz aka Stan GetzPeter Vogelstangetz.comTransfer
D2000-0774David E. Auer
Fischer Skis US LLC / Fischer Sports USA
D2000-0775 (HTML)
D2000-0775 (Word)
Atmel CorporationEntredomains, Inc.atmelgrenoble.comTransfer
D2000-0776 (HTML)
D2000-0776 (Word)
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Maison Fondée en 1772Herreveldveuvecliquot.comTransfer
D2000-0777 (HTML)
D2000-0777 (Word)
Yahoo! Inc.
Cupcake City / Cupcake Confidential / Cupcake-Party / Cupcake Parade / John Zuccarini
D2000-0778National Collegiate Athletic
D2000-0779 (HTML)
D2000-0779 (Word)
Sociedad Española de Radiodifusión, S.A.D. Javier Ferrandiz Payacadenaser.comTransfer
D2000-0780 (HTML)
D2000-0780 (Word)
Gestevisión Telecinco, S.A.Cronicas Marcianas
Javier Sard
D2000-0781PlasmaNet, Inc.-wwwfreelotto.comTerminated
D2000-0782 (HTML)
D2000-0782 (Word)
Pfizer Inc.Deep Sonipfizerindia.comTransfer
D2000-0783 (HTML)
D2000-0783 (Word)
Tough Traveler LtdKelty Pack Inc.
Mike Scherer / Inkling Pen Company
D2000-0784S.A. Chateau
D2000-0785 (HTML)
D2000-0785 (Word)
Pharmacia & Upjohn ABSol Meyerpharmaciamonsanto.comTransfer
D2000-0786The Littlewoods Organisation PLC-littlewoods.comTerminated
D2000-0787HII Inc. dba Horizon Investments-beastmaster.comTerminated
D2000-0788 (HTML)
D2000-0788 (Word)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
Trigon Insurance Company, Inc. dba Trigon Blue Cross Blue Shield
Interactive Communications, Inc.trigonbluecrossblueshield.comTransfer
D2000-0789 (HTML)
D2000-0789 (Word)
Eddy's (Nottingham) Ltd.Kingsley
Complaint denied
D2000-0790 (HTML)
D2000-0790 (Word)
AT&T Corp.Domains by Brian Evansattweb.comTransfer
D2000-0791 (HTML)
D2000-0791 (Word)
TV Globo Ltda.Globoesportes.comgloboesportes.comTransfer
D2000-0792 (HTML)
D2000-0792 (Word)
Comexpo ParisVisiotex S.A.foiredeparis.comComplaint denied
D2000-0793 (HTML)
D2000-0793 (Word)
Banca Popolare Friuladria S.p.A.Giovanni
D2000-0794 (HTML)
D2000-0794 (Word)
Helen Folsade Adu aka SadeQuantum Computer Services Inc.sade.comTransfer
D2000-0795 (HTML)
D2000-0795 (Word)
Banco Atlantico, S.A.Infomax 2020,
Complaint denied
D2000-0796 (HTML)
D2000-0796 (Word)
Funskool (India) Corporationfunskool.comComplaint denied
D2000-0797The Kroll-O'Gara
D2000-0798 (HTML)
D2000-0798 (Word)
CBS Broadcasting Inc.Netcetera CSG18wheelsofjustice.comTransfer
D2000-0799 (HTML)
D2000-0799 (Word)
Lockheed Martin CorporationReid


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