Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service for .IE

Country / Territory Code .IE
Country / Territory Name Ireland
Domain Registry
Registration Agreement
(adopted by the registration authority)
Dispute Policy
(adopted by the registration authority)

Variation of UDRP

Procedural Rules
(adopted by the registration authority)

Variation of UDRP

Complaint or Response Filing with WIPO

Variation of UDRP


Relevant differences between the ieDRP and the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) include the following:

- The ieDRP covers “Protected Identifiers” more generally. Protected Identifiers are defined as trade and service marks, reputable personal names and pseudonyms, geographical indications, which are protected in Ireland.

- Under the ieDRP, it is sufficient to prove that either registration or subsequent use of the domain name by the registrant occurred in bad faith, whereas the UDRP requires the Complainant to prove both elements.

- The ieDRP includes the following additional examples of evidence of registration or use in bad faith:

*the likelihood of diluting the reputation of a trade or service mark (paragraph 2.1.5 of the ieDRP).

*the intentional filing of misleading or false information when applying for the domain name registration ( paragraph 2.1.6 of the ieDRP).