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About the Singapore Office

The WIPO Singapore Office (the Office) is ideally located to assist ASEAN member states in a variety of ways. This assistance spans the full spectrum of intellectual property (IP) topics and issues.

The Office coordinates and participates in a wide range of regional workshops, seminars, study visits and meetings. Each activity has unique goals and objectives but underlying these activities is a core set of objectives, namely to:

  • provide forums where member states can share their views and experiences;
  • develop IP capacity in the region;
  • encourage economic growth through increased innovation and creativity;
  • increase strategic use of the global IP systems such as PCT, Madrid and Hague;
  • enhance the relationships within the region and between WIPO and member states.
Containing dynamic IP offices, emerging IP stakeholders, significant IP creators and attractive markets, the Global IP System is critically important to the ASEAN region.

Promotion of WIPO initiatives

The Office also plays a role in promoting WIPO initiatives such as:

  • WIPO GREEN – The Sustainable Technology Marketplace where technology providers and seekers are matched to help spread environmentally friendly technologies globally.
  • Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs), which provides innovators in developing countries with access to locally based, high quality technology information and related services, helping them to exploit their innovative potential and to create, protect, and manage their IP rights.
  • IP Panorama and other education resources to stakeholders and member states in the region.

The Office is an active player in encouraging harmonization efforts through the sharing of IP databases and aligning processes and practices.

In addition, the Office’s dedicated specialist on IP infrastructure modernization performs on-site assessments of IP offices in the region, including analysis of: IP data volumes, current backlog, office resources, IT infrastructure, automation status, as well as gathering information for preparing a customized WIPO automation package.

The specialist also provides training and technical support to IP offices in the management and administration of the WIPO industrial property automation system (IPAS) and database, as well as assistance in preparing hardware/software technical specifications for procurement or software development.

More information


The Office is staffed by five dedicated IP professionals. Each has unique skills and experiences to ensure the Office can provide high quality information, assistance and customer service to those in the ASEAN region.


The Office has a function room with capacity for around 40 delegates, as well as a formal boardroom that can accommodate meetings of up to 18 participants.It also houses a large collection of WIPO publications and brochures and can arrange to have large quantities made available for events, conferences and exhibitions.

We regularly welcome visitors from across the region and would encourage you to visit our premises if in Singapore.  Contact us for more information.

Customer Service

The Office forms an important component of the service network offered by WIPO. Calls made to WIPO when the Geneva office is closed are re-directed to Singapore. We pride ourselves on being able to provide helpful information or ensuring the right person from WIPO responds to a customer query.

History of the Office

WIPO’s member states endorsed the establishment of the WIPO Singapore Office during the fortieth series of Meetings of the Assemblies in September 2004. The Government of Singapore and WIPO then signed an agreement establishing the Office in February 2005.

Through a series of Memorandum of Understandings, first signed in June 2006, the scope of cooperation between WIPO and the Government of Singapore has been expanded to provide joint activities to promote IP awareness and build IP capabilities in developing countries and least developed countries in the region.

Each year IP offices and the Office agree on a new joint program of activities designed to assist member states in the region.


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