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Traditional Knowledge Division

The Traditional Knowledge Division is responsible for facilitating the text-based negotiations taking place in the WIPO Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore (IGC) and for providing, upon request, technical assistance and capacity-building.

The Division is part of the Department for Traditional Knowledge and Global Challenges.


  • Director of the Division: Wend Wendland (photo on Flickr)
  • Program 4: Traditional knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions and Genetic Resources (2014/15 Program and Budget PDF, Program and Budget)
  • Reporting toADG Minelik Getahun  (photo on Flickr)
  • Sector: Global Issues

What we are trying to achieve

Our expected results in 2014/15 are:

  • Enhanced cooperation among member states on development of balanced international normative frameworks for IP and agreement on specific topics in relation to which international instruments are agreed.
  • Enhanced human resource capacities able to deal with the broad range of requirements for the effective use of IP for development in developing countries, LDCs and countries with economies in transition.

These contribute to WIPO's Strategic Goals I: "balanced evolution of the international normative framework for intellectual property" and III: "facilitating the use of IP for development."

What we do

    Our activities include:

  • Facilitating the text-based negotiations in the WIPO IGC;
  • Offering, upon request, specialized capacity-building programs and legal-technical assistance at local, national and regional levels;
  • Developing and making available various publications and materials and maintaining practical databases; and
  • Working closely with other international organizations.


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