WIPO Publishes New Statistics on Female Inventors in PCT International Patent Applications

May 24, 2019

WIPO has launched a new collection of statistics on the number of female inventors listed in international patent applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). The data – which is searchable by year (2000–2018) and/or country – is broken down by percentage of:

  • female inventors in PCT patent applications (Indicator 15);
  • applications with at least one female inventor (Indicator 13); and
  • applications with at least one female inventor, listed by technology (Indicator 14).

This new collection is made available through WIPO's IP Statistics Data Center, a free online service providing access to WIPO statistical data on intellectual property activity worldwide.

Figures are rising but gender gap persists

The 2018 statistics show that, despite an encouraging record high of 17% of applications coming from female inventors, a significant gender gap still exists.

Graph showing share of women inventors and percentage change since 2004

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