The WIPR 2019 examines how the geography of innovation has evolved over the past few decades. Drawing on millions of patent and scientific publication records, the report shows that innovation is increasingly global and intertwined.

The macro analysis of global trends is complemented by two case studies of technological fields undergoing rapid change – autonomous vehicles and agricultural biotechnology.

The report's findings make the case for economies to stay open in the pursuit of innovation.

Key findings

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Collaboration is increasingly the norm.

A few countries account for most of the international ties.

Innovation is reshaping the car industry.

Innovation is sown in the biotech labs and harvested in agricultural clusters.

Openness in pursuit of innovation brings mutual gains.

Interactive maps

Explore our interactive maps to understand the geography of innovation.

About the World Intellectual Property Report

The World Intellectual Property Report, published every two years, offers fresh insights into the role of innovation in market economies and, in doing so, fosters evidence-based policy-making.  Each edition focuses on specific trends in an area of intellectual property (IP).

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