Actions in respect of Treaties administered by WIPO or amendments thereto, not yet in force

Amendments to WIPO-administered Treaties adopted by the Assemblies of WIPO Member States on October 1, 2003 [1]

Status on January 15, 2019

State Date on which State deposited its Notification of Acceptance
Australia December 16, 2008
Democratic People's Republic of Korea May 22, 2018
Denmark October 13, 2004
Ecuador April 9, 2018
Finland November 10, 2004
Mauritius December 3, 2004
Mexico August 3, 2007
Monaco April 8, 2004
Morocco May 31, 2011
Netherlands October 16, 2008
Republic of Korea April 21, 2004
Saint Lucia June 4, 2004
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines October 4, 2017
Saudi Arabia March 9, 2004
Singapore June 14, 2018
Slovenia August 1, 2007
Spain February 10, 2012
Sweden February 28, 2008
Tonga September 16, 2004

1 The said amendments are: (i) the abolition of the WIPO Conference, (ii) the formalization of the unitary contribution system and changes in contribution classes, and (iii) a change in the periodicity of the ordinary sessions of the WIPO General Assembly and the other Assemblies of the Unions administered by WIPO. The said amendments shall enter into force one month after written notifications of acceptance have been received by the Director General from three-fourths of the Member States of WIPO in accordance with the relevant provisions of the WIPO-administered treaties.