Berne Notification No. 25
Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works

Notification deposited by the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic concerning the application of the transitional provisions

The Director of the United International Bureaux for the Protection of Intellectual Property (BIRPI) presents his compliments to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and, in accordance with the provisions of the above international instrument, adopted at Stockholm, has the honor to notify him of the notification deposited by the Government of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic in which that Government indicates its desire to avail itself of the provisions of Article 38(2) of the Stockholm Act of the Berne Convention.

That notification entered into force on the date of its receipt, that is, on August 4, 1970.

Pursuant to the provisions of the said Article, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, which is a member of the Berne Union, may, for five years from April 26, 1970, the date of entry into force of the Convention Establishing the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), exercise the rights provided under Articles 22 to 26 of the Stockholm Act of the Berne Convention, as if it were bound by those Articles.

August 10, 1970