Navigating Traditional Knowledge and IP – "The Adventures of the Yakuanoi"

Traditional knowledge (TK) – knowledge that has ancient roots and is often oral – is not always protected by the intellectual property system.

Our short animated film tells the story of the Yakuanoi people – a fictitious indigenous community – as they work towards protecting their TK assets.

Video – "The Adventures of the Yakuanoi"

Language versions

The following language versions of The Adventures of the Yakuanoi are available on our YouTube channel:

Help us translate The Adventures of the Yakuanoi

In line with WIPO's Open Access Policy, we invite member states, as well as indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs), to translate The Adventures of the Yakuanoi into their own (traditional) languages in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.

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Note: All translation and subsequent editing is at your own cost. Some countries, foundations and other entities may be able to provide funding. WIPO's TK Division is happy to provide logistical support.

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