WIPO Indigenous Fellowship Program

Since 2009, when the WIPO Indigenous Fellowship Program was launched, members of indigenous and local communities have worked in WIPO’s Traditional Knowledge Division on issues relevant to indigenous peoples. These include:

The fellowship responds to the reciprocal needs for stronger capacity in the rapidly growing domain of indigenous IP law and for strengthened capacity on intellectual property (IP) law and policy for indigenous lawyers and policy advisers.

Indigenous fellows

Year(s) Indigenous fellow name and bio Country
2022 Ms. Sara Fuentes Maldonado PDF, Bio of Ms. Anna Sinkevich Ecuador
2020 Ms. Anna Sinkevich PDF, Bio of Ms. Anna Sinkevich Russian Federation
2019-2020 Ms. Rebecka Forsgren PDF, Bio of Ms. Rebecka Forsgren Sweden
2017-2018 Ms. Kiri R. Toki PDF, Bio of Ms. Kiri R. Toki New Zealand
2015-2016 Ms. Hai-Yuean Tualima PDF, Bio of Ms. Hai-Yuean Tualima Samoa
2013-2014 Mr. Q'apaj Conde Choque Plurinational State of Bolivia
2012 Mrs. Jennifer Tauli Corpuz Philippines
2011 Ms. Gulnara Abbasova Ukraine
2010 Ms. Patricia Adjei Australia
2009 Mr. Eliamani Laltaika United Republic of Tanzania