Access Regulation to Plant Genetic Resources of the Pathumthani Rice Research Centre of Thailand

Subject matter

Plant genetic resources

Summary of use(s)

Research and education

Purpose or background

To provide information about the recipients and their purpose of using the plant genetic resources, and to follow the national law.

Contact details

Mr. Somsong Chotechuen, Agricultural Scientist, Pathumthani Rice Research Center, Bureau of Rice Research and Development, Rice Department, THAILAND, Pathumthani Rice Research Center, Rangsit, Thanyaburi, Pathumthani 12110,, 66-2-5771688, 66-2-5771300




Please indicate whether a copy of an existing contract or model agreement is attached to this response:

Response: No.

Question 1: Please give the contract title.

Response: Regulation for access to plant genetic resources  

Question 2: Please identify the contract parties.

Response: Government agencies, Research institution, Farmers' organizations  

Question 4:  Please state the overall contract’s purpose.

Research or Educational Application only                                                                                X

Question 5:  Please state the contract’s objective.

Response: To provide information about the recipients and their purpose of using the plant genetic resources, and to follow the national law  

Question 6: Please identify the scope of the contract.


Plant Genetic Resources                                                                                                           X

Question 7:  Please state whether the genetic resources are being supplied from in-situ conditions or from ex-situ conditions.  "In-situ conditions" means conditions where genetic resources exist within ecosystems and natural habitats, and, in the case of domesticated or cultivated species, in the surroundings where they have developed their distinctive properties.   "Ex situ conditions" means conditions where genetic resources exist outside their natural habitats;  for instance, a germplasm bank or microbial collection:

Ex-Situ Conditions                                                                                                                    X  

Question 8: Contract Activities:  Please state the permitted uses of the genetic resources under the contract.

Response: Research and education

Question 10: Please state the date that the contract came into force.

Response: upon received the genetic resources

Question 11: Please state the contract’s duration.

Response: not specified  

Question 12: Please identify and record all intellectual property (IP) related clauses in the contract.


Clause(s) relating to:   Please set out relevant clause(s) or summary of clause(s) including, if appropriate, explanation of the context of the clause(s) in relation to the contract and/or project as a whole  
Industrial property incl. patents, trademarks, geographical indications and appellations of origin, etc.   Geographical Indications Act
Plant Breeders’ Rights   Plant Variety Protection Act
Monetary Benefit-sharing as relates to IP:  e.g. up-front payments, royalties, milestone payments, ethno-botanical premiums, trust funds, etc.   PVP trust funds
Non monetary Benefit-sharing as relates to IP:  e.g. IP-related training, technology transfer, exchange of results, etc.   IP-related training
Ongoing traditional and customary use:  i.e. clarification of future use of genetic resources and any associated traditional knowledge by local peoples or traditional communities, such as farmers’ rights.   The GR will be uses in crop improvement programmes


Question 16: Please identify any laws and regulations applicable to the contract in question, in particular any relevant IP-related clauses in legislation regulating access to genetic resources and in any sui generis legislation to protect associated traditional knowledge:


Existing Laws and Regulations   Please state name and date of law and, if possible, relevant clause number(s)  
National laws and regulations in provider country   Plant Variety Protection Act (1999)


Question 19: Dispute Resolution:  Please state how the parties have agreed to resolve any disputes that might arise under the contract (mediation, conciliation, arbitration, national jurisdiction etc) identifying, in particular, the agreed dispute resolution body (international, regional, national, or local).

Response: National jurisdiction