Agreement for Transfer of Genetic Material for Testing and Evaluation

Subject matter

Genetic material and results, data, inventions, discoveries and improvements relating to the genetic material and derived from the recipients evaluation of the material.

Summary of use(s)

Use of the genetic material for testing and evaluation, without analyzing the material for chemical composition or reverse engineering any samples of the genetic material transferred under the agreement or any other uses.

Purpose or background

Material transfer agreement for the exclusive purpose of testing and evaluation of the transferred genetic resources.

Contact details

Dr. Riemer
Fortbildung und Seminare
D-79540 Lörrach

Material Transfer Agreement


[…] (“Y”)


[…] (“Recipient”)


  1. At the completion of the testing and evaluation of the Material, Recipient shall provide Y with a written report of the results of such testing and evaluations. Recipient also agrees not to publish, without Y’s prior review and approval, the results of the testing and evaluations of Material.

  1. Recipient will not analyze for chemical composition or reverse engineer any samples of the Material submitted under this Agreement, and will not permit any other use of the same other than the evaluation contemplated by this Agreement.


  1. The Recipient agrees to return any unused quantities of the Material at the end of the testing period. The Recipient agrees to provide Y with one copy of the report and not to make additional copies or extracts of the Information.


  1. No information on the Material number, rates, application timing, or rating evaluations is to be made public. A final report is expected within two months of the test completion.


  1. The Recipient shall promptly disclose to Y all results, data, inventions, discoveries and improvements, whether or not patentable, relating to the Material and derived from Recipient’s evaluation of the Material and/or Y's disclosure of Confidential Information hereunder (the “Inventions”).


  1. As early as possible and no less than thirty (30) days prior to any intended Public Disclosure which references the Material or describes work carried out with the Material, the Recipient will inform Y in writing of the intended Public Disclosure. “Public Disclosure” shall be defined to include the submission of any written article for journal review, the submission of any abstract to conference organizers, publication of any article, presentation of any poster, or oral disclosure at any meeting involving an audience including people other than those directly supervised by the Recipient.  This provision applies regardless of whether or not the information pertaining to the Material is in the public domain.


  1. As early as possible, but at least six (6) weeks prior to the submission of printed material (e.g., manuscript, abstract or poster) or a public verbal disclosure (e.g., seminar of research results), the Recipient will obtain the prior written permission of Y’s administrative contact (see below).


  1. Y grants Recipient the non exclusive right to carry out tests with the Material in the Field in accordance with the Agreement (hereinafter the "Evaluation) and shall provide Recipient free of charge with a reasonable quantity of Material as well as Confidential Information relative thereto.