Letter of Intent on Research and Development of a Biological Product from Genetic Resources

Subject matter

 Research and development on a product based on genetic resources.

Summary of use(s)

 Collaboration for evaluation of business opportunities of the product based on genetic resources.

Purpose or background

 A letter of intent for collaborative research, development and business opportunity evaluation of a the product based on genetic resources.

Contact details

Dr. Riemer
Fortbildung und Seminare
D-79540 Lörrach






(each a "Party" and collectively the "Parties")


  1. Purpose

A carries out research and development on XXX (the “Product”). B is interested in evaluating business opportunities of this Product.


  1. Duration
    1. This Letter of Intent shall become effective on signature by both Parties and shall remain valid until […].
    2. This Letter of Intent shall terminate as soon as a development agreement is signed or automatically by […].


  1. Confidentiality

The Parties have already signed a confidentiality agreement in […]. According to this confidentiality agreement either party shall keep confidential information in strict confidence.


  1. Amendment or Termination

This Letter of Intent can only be amended with the express written consent of both Parties.


  1. Jurisdiction
    1. For matters not expressly provided herein, this Agreement shall be subject to the provisions of the […] regulations.
    2. The Parties agree to negotiate in good faith any dispute concerning a question of fact arising under this Agreement. In the event of any conflict, the parties agree to refer to the Courts […], waiving their own jurisdiction.