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Country / TerritoryCityTISC Name
KyrgyzstanAlmatyKazakh-British Technical University
KyrgyzstanBishkekAcademy of Innovations named after S. Musakozhoeva
KyrgyzstanBishkekAla-Too International University
KyrgyzstanBishkekBishkek Research Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics
KyrgyzstanBishkekInstitute of Physics, NAS KR
KyrgyzstanBishkekKyrgyz National Agrarian University named after K.I. Scriabin
KyrgyzstanBishkekKyrgyz State Medical Academy named after I.Akhunbaev
KyrgyzstanBishkekKyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture named after N.Isanov
KyrgyzstanBishkekKyrgyz-Russian Slavic University
KyrgyzstanBishkekNational Center for Maternal and Child Welfare
KyrgyzstanBishkekNational Surgical Center of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic
KyrgyzstanBishkekOsh Regional Library named after T. Satylganova
KyrgyzstanBishkekState Intellectual Property Fund
KyrgyzstanBishkekState Patent Technical Library
KyrgyzstanJalal-AbadInternational University K.K. Toktomamatova Jalal-Abad
KyrgyzstanJalal-AbadJalal-Abad Scientific Center, South Branch of NAS KR
KyrgyzstanJalal-AbadJalal-Abad State University named after B. Osmonova
KyrgyzstanKantChui Regional Library
KyrgyzstanKaragandaKaraganda Buketov University
KyrgyzstanKarakolK.Tynystanov Issyk-Kul State University
KyrgyzstanKochkor-AtaKochkor-Ata JAGU College
KyrgyzstanNarynNaryn State University named after S.Naamatov
KyrgyzstanOshInstitute of Natural Resources A. S. Dzhamanbaev, Southern Branch of NAS KR
KyrgyzstanOshKyrgyz-Uzbek University (Osh)
KyrgyzstanOshOsh State University
KyrgyzstanOshOsh Technological University named after M. Adysheva
KyrgyzstanTalasTalas State University
KyrgyzstanUst-KamenogorskD. Serikbayev East Kazakhstan Technical University
KyrgyzstanUst-KamenogorskSarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University