TISC Directory: Uruguay > Montevideo

National Directorate of Industrial Property

Contact Information

AddressRincón 723 - Piso 3º, C.P. 11100, Montevideo
Telephone(+598) 29025771
(+598) 29025772
Fax(+598) 29025771
Web sitehttp://www.miem.gub.uy/gxpsites/hgxpp001?5,9,127,O,S,0,MNU;E;30;7;MNU

Technologies and Services

Service(s) Access to patent and scientific and technical databases
Assistance and advice in using databases
Assistance and advice on IP management – Licensing, technology transfer
Search - Novelty, patentability
Search - State of the art
Specialization(s) Chemistry and chemical engineering
Electrical and electronic engineering
Health and life sciences
Mechanical engineering
Language(s) Spanish
Service(s) available to non-residents (foreign clients) No