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University of Jeddah - Deanship of Scientific Research

Contact Information

AddressHamzah Ibn Al Qasim Street, Al Sharafeyah, Jeddah 23218
شارع حمزة بن القاسم، حي الشرفية، جدة 23218
Telephone+966 122334444
Web site https://dsr.uj.edu.sa/Default.aspx?Site_ID=307&Lng=AR

Technologies and Services

Service(s) Access to patent and scientific and technical databases
Analytics – Patent Landscape Reports (PLRs) or related services
Assistance and advice in using databases
Assistance and advice on IP management – Commercialization
Assistance and advice on IP management – Licensing, technology transfer
Search - Novelty, patentability
Search - State of the art
Specialization(s) Chemistry and chemical engineering
Civil engineering
Electrical and electronic engineering
Information and communication technology
Mechanical engineering
Language(s) Arabic
Service(s) available to non-residents (foreign clients) No