WIPO Launches New Publications on Identifying and Using Inventions in the Public Domain

June 22, 2020

While certain subject matter disclosed in patent documents is covered by exclusive rights granted to patent holders, much of the information disclosed in patent documents is in the public domain and can be used freely to develop and bring new products and services to the market.

WIPO has developed two practical guides designed to help researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs to effectively identify and use this information in the public domain. The guides include easy-to-follow training modules, checklists, teaching examples and other useful tools and resources designed in particular with the challenges faced in developing and least developed countries in mind.

Identifying Inventions in the Public Domain

The Guide on Identifying Inventions in the Public Domain explains how to determine whether specific inventions are protected by enforceable patents or may be in the public domain, using a three-stage process for searching and analyzing published patent documents.

Using Inventions in the Public Domain

The Guide on Using Inventions in the Public Domain shows how to gain access to and use technology and business information for the development of new innovative products and services, from idea to market. It includes tools for effectively organizing technology and business information and case studies illustrating how real-world entrepreneurs were able to apply this information to build successful products and services.

The guides were developed in the framework of the Development Agenda Project on the Use of Information in the Public Domain for Economic Development and the WIPO Technology and Innovation Support Center program.

The digital versions of the publications are available for download free-of-charge. Versions in additional WIPO official languages are expected to follow shortly.

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WIPO will also plan to organize webinars and “Ask the Expert” sessions on eTISC. Further details will be posted on the WIPO website in due course.