“Women in IP” Month on eTISC

February 17, 2015

We invite you all to join our “Women in IP” month, which aims to promote the involvement of women in IP and, in particular, in the areas of technology and innovation.

Women invented many sophisticated and groundbreaking technologies such as the lifesaving Kevlar material or radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Today, many economies depend on female inventors, such as in the case of Lithuania. According to K. Kugele’s “ Analysis of women's participation in high-technology patenting”, Lithuania has a 23% share of patent applications filed by women.

In the run-up to International Women’s Day on March 8, 2015, we will organize a series of  “ Women in IP” activities including:

  • Blog posts with profiles of “Women in IP”
  • Launch of a “Women in IP” group on eTISC as a virtual hub for female inventors, where we will share studies on female inventors and innovators, as well as best practices from national IP offices to promote women innovators, and much more
  • eTISC quiz on women inventors and inventions

Visit eTISC today and invite others to join us!