WIPO Launches the eTISC Platform

November 9, 2012

WIPO’s Technology and Innovation Support Center (TISC) program is designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and to assist innovators in developing countries to access and use technology information for innovation. Today we are launching a new tool to help participants in the TISC program to achieve these goals.

The eTISC knowledge management platform provides social media tools to encourage the exchange of information, experiences and best practices among TISC participants; as well as new services to support the development of TISCs worldwide, including e-learning modules and webinars.

Who is eligible?

The eTISC community is open to all participants in WIPO’s worldwide TISC program, and to users of TISC services any in country.

Why join?

Through the eTISC platform you can:

  • Connect with the eTISC community nationally and internationally, learn from the experiences of other members, and share your stories and ideas
  • Access learning materials, presentations, tutorials, and related documents on the use of technology information and the provision of technology and innovation support services
  • Participate in eTISC webinars and keep up-to-date with upcoming events
  • Learn about related services such as WIPO’s Patent Landscapes
  • Keep in touch with and get support from WIPO’s TISC team!

Sign up to join the eTISC knowledge management platform.