Database and Feature Improvements to WIPO Pearl

July 12, 2017

Improvements have been made to WIPO Pearl, including more terms in the terminology database and a new feature added to Concept Map Search which generates “concept clouds” to suggest relationships between concepts where no validated relationships exist within a concept map.

Improved database

The terminology database has been updated with 7,000 new terms and 500 new concept relations. The database now contains over 140,000 patent terms and 18,500 patent concepts, all validated by WIPO-PCT language experts.

13,000 concepts (or 70%) are linked to other concepts in the database, and these relationships can be browsed in our Concept Map Search.

Concept clouds

The concept maps in Concept Map Search show humanly validated relationships between concepts. “Concept clouds” are a new feature whereby relationships between concepts not yet linked to other concepts are suggested by means of a machine learning algorithm trained on the corpus of validated contexts and relationships existing in WIPO Pearl. Users can choose to display these suggested relationships by clicking a new button in Concept Map Search called “Show concept cloud”.

Collaboration with universities

This release includes 25 multilingual terminology records in the fields of plasmonics and self-driving vehicles that were provided by students at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, following our validation. We invite universities who are interested in a terminology collaboration of this kind to contact us.