WIPO Pearl Update: New Features and Enhanced Database

December 16, 2015

WIPO Pearl has been upgraded in line with user feedback to incorporate a number of useful new features. In addition to this, the terminology database has been enlarged.

New features

The following new features have been added to the WIPO Pearl terminology portal:

  • You can now search for images of terms that you have found in Linguistic Search, by clicking a “picture” icon. This supplements the term definitions that are provided in the contexts in Linguistic Search, and helps you to quickly visualize concepts – especially useful for unfamiliar or difficult-to-grasp concepts.
  • We’ve added a quick-view “Term” list in Linguistic Search. This lets you see at a glance all the terms that are relevant for your searched term, before you explore the details in the main hitlist. Clicking a term in the “Term” list takes you directly to the hitlist entry for that term – no more need to scroll through pages of the hitlist to find the terms you’re interested in.
  • We’ve added statistics to the left-hand filters in Linguistic Search, so you can quickly see how many hits you have per language and subject field.
  • You can now click a button to expand a concept map accessed from Linguistic Search so as to show all the concepts in that subfield – very useful if you want to explore the broader domain in which your concept map is located, or if your concept hasn’t yet been linked to other concepts.
  • Have you ever clicked to view a concept map from Linguistic Search and then struggled to find your term in the map? Now, your searched term is always shown in red in concept maps.
  • And lastly, we’ve improved the underlining of terms in contexts, to better handle plurals, capitals, inflected forms, and so on.

Enhanced database

In addition, the WIPO Pearl terminology database has been updated with 5,000 new terms, 300 new concepts, and 1,000 new concept relations. The database now contains over 110,000 patent terms and 16,300 patent concepts, all entered and validated by WIPO-PCT language experts (translators and terminologists). More than 10,000 concepts are linked to other concepts in the database, and these relationships can be browsed in our Concept Map Search.