Global Design Database: Frequently Asked Questions

Content Of The Database

You search the WIPO collection and the collections of participating national and regional offices. A complete and up-to-date list of the collections and their respective coverage is available here: 

Records are automatically uploaded from the national, regional and international collections. If you have a trademark under the Hague system, for example, it will be automatically uploaded to the Global Design Database.

Regarding the acquisition of the Global Design Database: it unfortunately not available for sale. Our agreements with the national offices participating in the Global Design Database project preclude us from redistributing data. However, you can acquire the design under the Hague system data.

Regarding the downloading of the Global Design Database, our terms of use specifically disallow any kind of bulk or automatic downloading of data from our system. Please follow the terms of use link on the bottom of each page for full details. 

As the database is a free-of-charge public service, in order to maintain quality of service for all, our terms of use specifically disallow automatic querying, and our terms of use also preclude automatic search and/or download of results.

For national collections, it depends on how often national offices communicate their updates with the WIPO.

For Hague International Collection, it is updated weekly

Using the Global Design Database, you can search designs from the Hague System as well as from the national/regional collections available. The Hague Express Database includes bibliographical data and, as far as international registrations governed exclusively or partly by the 1999 and/or by the 1960 Act(s) of the Hague Agreement are concerned, reproductions of industrial designs relating to published bearing a registration date as from January 3, 1985. 


Only up to 100 results can be downloaded: you can select your preferred records using the small check boxes in order to customize your first page of results. Or you can refine your query.

First, select the records (up to 100) of interest by ticking the small checkboxes (available in the 1st column on the left-hand side in the list view or at the right bottom corner in the grid view), then go to the record menu on the upper right corner and create a record set. In that same menu record, view your record set will allow you to see the record set and below the result list, download the report.

You need to customize your result list: go to the Options button just above your result list and select the columns of interest. Those preferences will be reflected in the reports


Having a user account will allow you to save your search and your record sets and it will be a safer environment to work in once logged-in.

On the first top, right-hand side, go to My Account and follow the instructions. It is free of charge and quick


 The Origin refers to the country of origin for the record. This is usually the national office of the original applicant and Designation contains countries that have been listed as affected by the record. The exact meaning of this is a complex legal issue, and you should consult the details for each record to determine its particular status.

Yes it will reflect the content of the database when you access it again.


You can choose between the Grid mode (a condensed format showing mostly images) and the list view with different columns that can be customized using the Options button just above the result list.

You can download up to 100 records. Please select the records of interest and then create a report (see above for industrial designs and trademarks link to how to create a report)

Access To The Global Design Database

If you perform a lot of searches, our robot detection mechanism might mistake you for a robot and block your IP address for 24 hours at most. Contact at if you feel that this is incorrect.