The new Global Brand Database launched today

November 15, 2022

November 15, 2022 marks the launch of the new interface of the Global Brand Database, WIPO’s global database for marks.

It includes:

  • WIPO international trademarks under the Madrid protocol,
  • national and regional trademarks shared by national and regional IP Offices,
  • International Nonproprietary Names for Pharmaceutical Substances (INN),
  • WIPO appellations of origin under the Lisbon Agreement and
  • WIPO emblems under Article 6ter. It includes WIPO data

The new interface offers the same search and filtering features as the previous interface but the display of information has been completely revised in order to provide a better user experience. The new interface also includes new interactive graphs to obtain statistical information.

Webinars showing the main differences between the two interfaces and the main search and filtering features are available during the week of November 21 to 25. It is the same webinar available at a different date and a time of the day. The presentation will be in English and last for about 20 minutes; a Q&A session will follow in which you will be able to ask questions and provide feedback.

It is planned to discontinue the old interface in 3 months. This 3-month period allows the users to get familiar with the interface, to ask questions about its usage, as well as to provide feedback. During this 3-month period, the old interface will no longer be updated, therefore when new collections and/or features become available, users will not find them in the old interface.