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The International Patent System in 2006

PCT Yearly Review

Comprehensive facts, figures and analysis of the international patent system.

Publication year: 2007


National Studies on Assessing the Economic Contribution of the Copyright-Based Industries - Series no. 1

This publication brings together the results of five national studies that were carried out in Canada, Hungary, Latvia, Singapore and the United States of America. The publication reviews the contribution of economic activities based on copyright and related rights to the creation of national value added, employment and trade in selected countries and broadens the scope of WIPO-led research on the economic aspects of copyright.

Publication year: 2006


Managing Creative Enterprises

Creative industries - Booklet no. 3

This introductory booklet is intended to be used by creative individuals and business entrepreneurs both (1) as a tool to understand the specifics of the creative market and the major challenges facing creative enterprises in terms of financing, marketing or managing intellectual property assets, and (2) as a practical guide to assist managers and creators in addressing these challenges and setting up and running viable creative businesses.

Publication year: 2006


The Intellectual Property-Conscious Nation: Mapping the Path from Developing to Developed

This book outlines a suggested action plan for the emerging intellectual property-conscious nation which puts innovation and the creativity cycle into motion by implementing a clear development strategy into which policies of intellectual property are integrated.

Publication year: 2006


Patent Law Treaty (PLT)

The PLT seeks to harmonize formal requirements set by national and regional patent offices and to streamline the procedures for obtaining and maintaining a patent.

Publication year: 2006


IP Asset Development and Management: a Key Strategy for Economic Growth

This concise guide is aimed at providing awareness on the subject of intellectual property asset development and management as a tool for economic development. The guide has been developed within the context of a project to identify and gather data concerning the key policies, strategies and practices that are being undertaken by WIPO Member States to use intellectual property assets.

Publication year: 2006


Intellectual Property Audit Tool

The IP Audit Tool is a reference work for Member States to use in the process of developing or assessing national or regional IP strategy. It is a flexible and practical guide to innovation systems, and may be modified and adapted to respond to the specific needs of a country or a region. The Audit Tool is organized in topical parts, and each part includes a definition of the topic (e.g. "valuation" or "market identification and strategy"), a list of questions, and examples of existing practices and policies from Member States.

Publication year: 2006


Creative Expression: An Introduction to Copyright and Related Rights for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

This is the fourth in the series of guides on “Intellectual Property for Business.” It provides an introduction to copyright and related rights for business managers and entrepreneurs. It explains, in simple language, mainly those aspects of copyright law and practice that affect the business strategies of enterprises.

Publication year: 2006