Rights, Camera, Action! IP Rights and the Film-Making Process

Creative industries - Booklet no. 2

Author(s): Bertrand Moullier, Richard Holmes | Publication year: 2007

License: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 IGO License

The creative process and business models of film industries are being refined as new technologies are used to develop, produce, finance, distribute and market film productions. So much so that the use of new technologies has allowed small and independent filmmakers from the non traditional markets of developing nations to enter regional and international marketplaces. These filmmakers face considerable challenges as they try to keep abreast of the transformation of the legal and commercial film environment. This booklet focuses on issues that producers, independent filmmakers, scriptwriters, performing artists, and distributors in the developing world must be aware of. It is a publication intended for use by persons not trained or expert in intellectual property law and wishing to identify the intellectual property related issues in all key phases of film making.