Listen to the Future of Music: Eight Inventions

April 13, 2015

What is the future of music? As World IP Day 2015 – “Get up, stand up. For Music” shows, the world’s creators are already hard at work laying down the next tracks.

For those of us in the audience, one thing seems clear: The ubiquitous use of Internet- connected personal devices like smartphones, together with new online platforms for streaming music, means we will enjoy greater choice of tunes and more freedom to enjoy them when and where we wish.

Seeking to connect us better, inventors around the world are adding elegance and ease of use to the humble earphone, with its often tangled cords and ill-fitting earbud.

Below, a selection of innovative takes on the earphone that may one day link you up with your favorite sounds. The titles and images are taken from patent applications filed via WIPO’s PCT international patent filing system.

1. Magnetic earphones holder

PATENTSCOPE WO2013126681, Publication date: 29.08.2013

2. Necklace-type audio output apparatus that can be adjusted in length

PATENTSCOPE WO2013058466, Publication date: 25.04.2013

3. Bluetooth headset assembly

PATENTSCOPE WO2013103196, Publication date: 11.07.2013

4. Bluetooth transmission and reception device with antenna in ear hook and method therefor

PATENTSCOPE WO2014088224, Publication date: 12.06.2014

5. Earphone facilitating winding and unwinding of earphone cord

PATENTSCOPE WO2013077636, Publication date: 30.05.2013

6. Earphone storage device

PATENTSCOPE WO2014152698, Publication date: 25.09.2014

7. Headphone speaker sanitary cover for preventing contamination and infectious diseases due to sebum and sweat

PATENTSCOPE WO2013055103, Publication date: 18.04.2013

8. Portable terminal case with built-in earphone

PATENTSCOPE WO2014054850, Publication date: 14.04.2014