WIPO Director General Receives Delegation of Mexican Performers

Geneva, December 3, 2001
Press Updates UPD/2001/150

The Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Dr. Kamil Idris, met on November 30, 2001 with representatives of Mexico's National Association of Performers (ANDI) and government officials for an exchange of views on enhancing copyright protection and promoting the rights of creators in Mexico. The delegation also awarded Dr. Idris with the "Dolores del Río" medal in recognition of his efforts to defend the rights of performers.

During the meeting, the delegation informed the Director General about Mexico's strategy to strengthen its audiovisual sector. Ambassador Gustavo Albín, Permanent Representative of Mexico in Geneva, stressed that the composition of the delegation, including a senior senator, represented the cohesion which existed between policy makers and performers in Mexico. He underlined the significant impact of WIPO's work in improving people's well-being and reiterated his government's firm support of Dr. Idris' leadership of WIPO, and the need for continuity in this regard.

The delegation called upon WIPO to help in undertaking a study to quantify the value and contribution of the audiovisual sector to the Mexican economy. Dr. Idris praised Mexico's commitment to its creators and welcomed the proactive and original approach adopted by ANDI to strengthen the audiovisual performers sector. In this context, he said that the forthcoming study, to be undertaken with WIPO's support, will be a strategic tool in demonstrating the present and potential contribution of the audiovisual sector to the national economy. In this regard, WIPO and ANDI will co-organize an international seminar to address questions relating to the implementation of the WIPO "Internet treaties", taking into account the social and cultural specificity of each country.

The delegation expressed its appreciation for WIPO's work towards the conclusion of a treaty on the rights of performers in their audiovisual performances. Member states provisionally agreed on 19 of the 20 provisions contained in the draft treaty at an international conference in December 2000. In spite of the significant progress in shoring up the rights of performers in their audiovisual performances, agreement could not be reached at that time on the fundamental question relating to the right of transfer, namely the question of how the performers' rights are acquired by the producers, by law or agreement. In September 2001 the WIPO General Assembly agreed to maintain the item on its agenda until a solution to this question is reached.

In addition, Dr. Idris thanked the ANDI for awarding him the "Dolores del Río" medal, which bore witness to the excellent relations between WIPO, Mexico and its performing artists.

ANDI is a civil society organization which groups the performing artists of Mexico. It includes more than 8,000 members and administers the rights of over 40,000 artists. ANDI is also a member of the Ibero-Latinamerican Federation of Performers (FILAIE).

bassador Gustavo Albín was accompanied by Senator Guillermo Hergbert, Committee of Education and Culture, Ms. Emilia Carranza, Vicepresident, , Asociacion Nacional de Interpretes (ANDI), Mr. Ismael Larumbe, Secretary, ANDI, Mr. Jose D. Gonzalez, Legal Director, ANDI, as well as Minister Arturo Hernández and Third Secretary Karla Ornelas, Permanent Mission of Mexico.

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