WIPO Presents Two Awards at Geneva Inventions Fair

Geneva, April 23, 2007

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) presented on Friday evening, April 20, 2007, two awards to inventors at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions as part of the Organization's commitment to promoting innovation and recognition of inventors worldwide. The distinctions were presented to the best invention by a woman and the best invention by a national from a developing country. This is the twenty-seventh consecutive year in which WIPO has presented awards at the Geneva Fair.

Mrs. Marina Myagkova, from the Russian Federation, received an award for inventing a drug screening test which diagnoses whether a person has consumed narcotics within a period of two to four months. The second award went to a national of Congo, Mr. Tsengué Tsengué, for the invention of a continuous and adjustable solar-powered dryer for agricultural use which collects thermal solar energy, stocks it and releases it on demand.

The two WIPO award winners were selected by an international jury designated by the organizers of the Geneva Exhibition. The WIPO award consists of a medal and a certificate signed by the Director General of WIPO, Dr. Kamil Idris, together with a cash prize of 2,000 US Dollars. Since the first WIPO awards were presented at the 8th Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions in 1979, 58 WIPO medals have been presented at the annual fair to 63 inventors from 35 countries. The winners include 37 inventors from developing countries, 24 women and 2 young inventors.

The Geneva fair is a unique opportunity for inventors and researchers from all over the world to showcase their inventions and research results and to attract business partners for joint ventures or licensing agreements.

The WIPO awards seek to stimulate inventive activity around the world, particularly in developing countries. They serve to attract and enhance public recognition of inventors and researchers, and their work. Offering these awards also improves the image of inventors through recognition of their merits as creators who contribute to national wealth creation and development. Since the launch of this program in 1979, over 1,000 WIPO medals have been awarded to inventors from more than 100 countries, including women and young inventors.

Schemes that recognize and reward inventors and creators bolster public awareness of the contributions made by inventors and help to nourish an atmosphere that promotes innovation and creativity, thereby supporting economic and technological development efforts.

WIPO's awards are a complement to the Organization's innovation promotion activities and its support of the national intellectual property (IP) strategies of its member states. WIPO collaborates with member states upon request to assist in the development of national IP strategies. The Division on IP and New Technologies has also developed practical materials and tools for intellectual property asset management for small and medium-sized enterprises and research and development (R&D) institutions, including training materials on IP audit, technology licensing, patent drafting, and IP valuation. These are available from: https://www.wipo.int/ebookshop?lang=eng.

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