PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter VI: Article 14 Check and Other Formal Requirements

Applicant’s File Reference

76. Where the applicant has indicated a file reference in the request, that reference shall not exceed 25 characters in length (Rule 11.6(f) and Section 109), so that it can be satisfactorily handled in computerized administration systems. If that file reference exceeds 25 characters, and subject to the following sentence, the receiving Office may either truncate that reference ex officio to 25 characters and notify the applicant (Form PCT/RO/146; see also paragraph 165) or invite (Form PCT/RO/106) the applicant to amend that reference, so that it conforms to Section 109. The receiving Office may nevertheless, if it so wishes, leave such file reference without truncating it or inviting the applicant to amend it. For corrections, see paragraphs 153 to 165 and Annex B.