PCT Receiving Office Guidelines

Chapter VI: Article 14 Check and Other Formal Requirements

Correction of Other Formal Defects

160. Where indications required under Rule 4 but not covered by Article 14 (paragraph 73) are missing or appear to be defective, the receiving Office, where appropriate, brings that fact to the attention of the applicant. Form PCT/RO/132, may be used for such purpose. A time limit for correction may be fixed taking into account the time limit for establishing the international search report or the date of international publication of the international application, depending on the circumstances. However, if the applicant fails to respond to such invitation, the receiving Office does not take any action. In the case of the correction of declarations made under Rule 4.17, Form PCT/RO/156 must be used and not Form PCT/RO/106 or PCT/RO/132, see paragraphs 162, 192E and 192F.